Algae in the Drain!

Algae in the drain line is a common problem for homeowners. In addition to that, Algae build up near the Air Handler is often severe and difficult to remedy. Ultimately, homeowners are unaware this problem lurks until the line backs up. At this point they call out a tech who tries to blow out the line unsuccessfully!

Live Demo!

Inside the Pipes

Notice the inner diameter of the pipes. As the contractor explains, build up on the inner diameter is where the problem occurs. However, the closer the pipe is to the Air Handler Unit (the inside unit) a huge amount of Algae grows and lives there.

Severe Algae build up!

If you are having trouble with your unit and suspect Algae is clogging your drain, contact us. Severe blockages are not able to be blown out. Unfortunately, this problem requires a pipe removal. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different!

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