With COVID -19 impacting all of Florida, there is more than 423,885 reasons for us to be hot and bothered.  As the Carona Virus numbers continue climbing, we have to stay Cool.  No point intended, but hey!   We feel as members of this Great Community we must share in the effort to keep everyone COOL!

So, lets dive into five quick ways to keep it Cool During the Pandemic.

  1. Plan everything ahead.   When you plan, you think about details and usually have a better experience.  Certainly, small tasks like grocery shopping, social activities, and routine appointments come with precautions we don’t normally deal with.  Therefore, making that grocery list, and choosing odd hours to do regular activities can keep us chill!  
  2. Create checkpoints before leaving home.  Stock your home, vehicle and office with sanitizers and masks.  Let’s face it, how often have we left home without our phone, wallet, etc.   Now we have masks to add to our list of things to grab before heading out of the door.  Having extras on hand will help decrease inconveniences, certain to keep you cool.  
  3. Keep up with the latest news.  Florida Now has 423,885 cases reported by Spectrum!  Awareness empowers us to avoid unforeseen situations.  By following local news and legitimate reports, wild thinking is minimized.   
  4. Be nice to yourself!  We understand this is not easy for anyone.  Because we are right here with you.  Use your backyards.  Make your favorite dinners.  Do whatever you need to lower your stress levels.  This is not normal times. 
  5. Find a creative outlet. No explanation needed.  It works.

We are praying for this to be over.  In the meantime we are committed to doing everything we can to keep you cool!