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Before the Arrival

  • Tech Ready – Appearance, Mindset for the task (review process and ask questions) Attitude (decompress and focus on the customer)
  • Contact the customer: ½ hour before arrival (Set the tone, introduce yourself, what you’re going to do, and approximately how long it will take)  …appointment confirmation
  • Review Customer Details (Location, Route, Job to be performed)
  • Make Sure you have everything you need: get a checklist

Upon Arrival

  • Observe the scene for best possible route and entry
  • Avoid walking on lawns and gardens, use pavements
  • Reintroduce yourself (Hi ____, I’m _______ with _______I’m here to _______________, how are you today?  Great!!  I’ll be starting___________ is it ok for me to dive in now?  )
  • Customers like to engage, you can be genuine but remain professional.  
    • Avoid topics that include (politics, religion, race, sexual content, profanity)
    • Transition phrases to use when customers get on the topic: (yeah! I understand how you feel…I’m really trying to do a good job for you so, I can’t think about that right now.
    • Oh yeah, I get it.  I have to stay away from topics like that because, I’m no expert
    • You know when things like that arouse, I just bow out because there is no win.
    • Would you like to speak with Cheryna she handles matters like this… because I have to focus on your job!

 Assessment of the Job If you notice something that is unusual, or concerning to you, or doesn’t belong call for guidance. Talk to your Team before talking with the customer (keeps us in the loop, allows us to decrease further damage if it’s a difficult technical issue, allows us to develop a plan of action to resolve quicker, allows us to learn) Pricing for Jobs is still being developed and is proprietary,  for now all pricing will be handled within the office If you need more time to do a task communicate it with Cheryna or Ron and we will communicate that with the customer. Upon completion of a Job

  • Ensure the site is as good or better than when we arrived.
  • Mr. __________, I was able to ____________________, the job went well!  _____________, You are good to go_________________, if you have any issues, contact us right away!  We will contact you in _______________________.  You will be ready for _______________________________________! (maintenance, parts replacements, completion of anything that was undoable)


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